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Top Metric: Gross Revenue per Complete Exam  Edit

Among the most revealing metrics of OD practice productivity is gross revenue per complete exam – a useful indicator of the average revenue generated by a patient visit. Gross revenue per complete exam is calculated simply by dividing gross collected receipts by the number of comprehensive exams performed in the same time frame. Read more... 


Top Metric: Complete Exams per OD Hour

The number of complete eye exams performed during each hour an optometrist works is a key productivity metric that correlates highly with total revenue produced each OD hour.  Read more...


Top Metric: Rx Eyewear Dispensed per 100 Complete Exams

The numbers of pairs of eyeglasses dispensed per 100 complete exams performed provides a useful measure of a practice' s capture rate and effectiveness in selling eyeglasses to contact lens wearers and selling multiple pairs of eyewear.  Read more... Rxes per 100 Complete Exams

Feature Presentations

MBA Management Resource

Key Metrics: Assessing Optometric Practice Performance 2013

This extensive report includes benchmarks for evaluating the financial and efficiency performance of your practice.

MBA Insights

Forecasting Your Financial Progress

Take control of your finances! In this issue of MBA Insights, learn how budgeting and forecasting are different, and how keeping track of both should be a part of your ongoing financial assessment.





Practice-Building Tool

Monitoring Patient Recall

Implementing an effective recall strategy is one of the most cost-effective ways for ODs to increase practice revenue, because the investment required is minimal. What is required is a disciplined process that is consistently used.



Market Research
Staff Management Survey

The findings of this survey will allow you to examine 2013 trends on staff hiring, compensation and management practices and OD desires for staff improvements.








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